Functional genomics

The Shomron research team focuses on the analysis of genomics aimed at understanding human diseases. Combining high-throughput methods and bioinformatics (such as AI and deep learning), our team’s research explores DNA changes and gene regulators.

Our goal is to reach a global perspective on the roles DNA and RNA play during disease development.

Among our projects:

  • Identification of microRNAs that are in the intersection of several oncogenes
  • Revealing the effect of coding and non-coding RNAs on pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine
  • Profiling pathogens in human tissues based on deep sequencing of DNA and RNA molecules
  • Running advanced rapid DNA and RNA sequencing for real-time feedback in medical scenarios

Overall we aim to deepen our understanding of disease development in order to generate a significant impact through translating ideas into clinical reality.


Prof. Noam Shomron

Faculty of Medicine, Room 303
Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
Tel-office: +972-3-640-6594
Tel-mob: +972-54-5321-030
Tel-lab: +972-3-640-7387
Fax-office: +972-3-640-7432


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