High Content Screening Facility

The Facility has an In Cell Analyzer 2000 (INCA 2000, GE healthcare), the first in Israel, which is a high throughput high content image screening analyzer capable of automatically acquiring multiple fluorescence-labeled images from live or fixed cells cultured in multi titter-well plates. We offer the possibility to analyze a wide range of cellular types together with intracellular biological markers baring different fluorescent labels. The image data analysis is performed in batches, using specialized software that quantifies the multi-parametric information at the cellular and sub-cellular levels allowing graphical visualization, characterization and analysis.

Cell count, cell cycle, cell migration, vesicular labeling, cytotoxicity, DNA repair, cell adhesion, cell proliferation, apoptosis, gene expression reporter systems, neurite outgrowth, etc.

Technichal features of INCA 2000 include:

  • Environmental control
  • Liquid handling
  • Transmitted and fluorescence light imaging
  • Temperature Control
  • Plates or slide imaging

In addition, the lab is equipped with:

  • Cell and tissue culturing facilities
       -Human primary cells, human embryonic and adult stem cell cultures and various differentiation protocols.
       -Custom assay preparation
  • Drug HT screening facility (not yet available)
       -Compound Libraries
       -Liquid handling robot integrated with INCA 2000



Dr. Miguel Weil
Laboratory for Personalized Medicine and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Department of Cell Research and Immunology, The George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences. Tel Aviv University

Tel: 03-640-6981 miguelw@tauex.tau.ac.il

Facility Manager

Dr. Leonardo Solmesky
Britannia Bldg. Room 238a, Tel: 03-640-5874 leonardo@post.tau.ac.il


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