Immune Gene Editing

Using novel gene editing technology, we engineer T cells and B cells to better fight cancer, infections and autoimmune diseases

Our research
Our primary objective is to develop safe, efficient and scalable methods to engineer lymphocytes for immunotherapy. We provide a novel technology for the engineering of B cells as well as T cells, in vivo as well as ex vivo.
T cell engineering for Cancer immunotherapy has shown clinical success, but it cannot be applied to most patients because it relies on cumbersome ex vivo manipulations that are performed in specialised centres only. In addition, B cell engineering has not shown therapeutic efficacy to date. Our lab develops novel immunotherapy approaches, targeting immune genes into the genome of white blood cells. In particular, we target chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) or T cell receptor (TCR) genes into the genome of T cells, and we target antibody genes into the genome of B cells. 

Projects in the lab

> VDJ targeting: using natural V(D)J recombination to introduce immune genes into developing T cells and B cells.
> CRISPR for immune gene editing: using CRISPR/Cas9 to introduce immune genes into endogenous loci for native regulation.
> In vivo immunotherapy: Developing vectors for engineering of T cells and B cells inside the body.
> Genomic integration profiling: Developing next generation sequencing methods for unbiased analysis of vector integration into lymphocyte genomes.

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