Kahn Sleep Lab

The Kahn Sleep Lab is focused on two essential aspects of health and well-being: sleep and emotions. Our research encompasses the entire lifespan, with a specific focus on sleep in youth. We explore the intricate connections between sleep and various factors, including nighttime fears, nightmares, parental tolerance for crying, nighttime technology usage, physical activity, and the development of psychopathological conditions. One of our central research priorities is the development of evidence-based interventions for pediatric insomnia, and we aim to refine the precision, accessibility, and efficacy of treatments for insomnia in children and adolescents.

Specific Research interests/topics: 
– Pediatric insomnia
– Sleep development
– Parental cry tolerance
– Nighttime fears and nightmares

Research methods: 
We employ a multi-method assessment approach, including actigraphy, auto-videosomnography, and polysomnography, as well as observational and parent- and child-reported measures.

Main projects in the lab include:
1. Low distress tolerance as an underlying factor in nightmare disorder
2. Infant sleep and parental cry tolerance: Indicators of future behavior problems?
3. The effects of daytime sleep on mood and cry tolerance in women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

Lab Facilities and Capabilities:
The Kahn Sleep Lab features a comfortable bedroom tailored for in-laboratory overnight sleep assessment studies. It additionally includes a clinical space, suitable for conducting therapy sessions, clinical assessments, and observational paradigms involving infants, children, and adults. Our team possesses extensive expertise in PSG set-up and data scoring, as well as utilizing actigraphy, videosomnography, and auto-videosomnography in sleep research. We are also proficient in the assessment and treatment of various mental-health conditions, with a primary focus on insomnia. 
Available Research Services:

Potential industries:
1. Sleep Tech
2. Mental health

For more information:
Website: https://www.kahnsleeplab.sites…
Email: michalkahn@tauex.tau.ac.il

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