Lab of Molecular Neurodegeneration

The goal of the lab is to elucidate molecular mechanisms of motor neuron survival and proper function using ALS disease as a model.

In our current efforts we are using cutting edge in vitro and in vivo technologies studying molecular mechanisms of:

1.    Molecular communication of trophic factors (such as BDNF or GDNF) between the neuron to its environment essential for neuron survival, growth and synapse maintenance.

2.    Axonal transport- One of the first cellular process that alters in neurodegenerative diseases.

3.    Single molecule receptor dynamics along the cell surface using TIRF microscopy

4.    miRNA dynamics function and localization

Available Research Services:

1.    Immunostaining and biochemistry on primary neuronal cultures

(DRG, Motor, Cortical) and tissues sections (Spinal cord, sciatic nerve, NMJs).

2.    Effect of genetic or pharmacological manipulations on axonal transport, neuronal survival, axon growth and NMJs function using primary cultures in compartmental microfluidic chambers.

3.    Designing and building microfluidic chambers

4.    Single molecule tracking of proteins and miRNAs

5.    Drug screen for neurodegeneration process and neuronal health

Potential industries:

1.    Pharma

2.    Biotech


Dr. Eran Perlson
Head of the Mary Shapiro Kantor Laboratory
Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology
Faculty of Medicine, Room 605
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
Tel office:+972-3-6408743
Tel lab:+972-3-6409109

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