Mayo Lab

Our lab strives to understand the mechanisms of chronic inflammation underlying neurologic diseases and translating these laboratory discoveries into new therapies. We take a transdisciplinary approach in this research endeavor combining immunologic, genomic, proteomic and metabolomic approaches to study brain inflammation.

We are particularly interested in:

Elucidating the immune function of the different glia, mainly astrocytes and NG2-Glia cells, in autoimmune and traumatic models of neurologic disorders.
Investigating the immunometabolic response in the Brain.
Studying the crosstalk between the innate and adaptive immune systems in the central nervous system.
Exploring the immunological aspects of the astrocyte–neuron relationship.
Developing novel strategies for manipulating glial activation and autoimmune responses.

Our research combines state of the art technologies such as genome-wide sequencing, genomic editing, molecular imaging, targeted and un-targeted mass-spectrometry and real-time metabolic analysis.

Office: Britannia-Porter
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