Mechanics of Composite Materials Lab (MCM Lab)

Welcome to the Mechanics of Composite Materials Lab (MCM-Lab), where we innovate by exploring existing and new composite materials and structures through our analytical, computational, and experimental mechanics and biomechanics.

At the MCM-Lab, we delve into the intricate world of composite materials, seeking to understand their fundamental mechanics and micromechanics. We aim to explore the behavior at a microscopic level and predict the performance at large scales. Our journey extends beyond traditional boundaries, focusing on computational mechanics and nonlinear structural analysis in interdisciplinary thrust areas:
Mechanics and Micromechanics of Composite Materials and Structures
Multi-Scale Nonlinear Structural Analysis
Experimental Mechanics Techniques
Biomechanics of Aortic Valves
Fluid-Structure Interaction Analyses (FSI)
Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering Applications

The MCM Lab includes a:
1. loading frame capable of load application (up to 100 kN) with a range of load cells from 10N all the way to 100kN
2. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) optical measurement technique for surface strain field (Non-contact Full-Field Deformations Acquisition) 3) Computer cluster for large scale simulations

Technologies or services:
Biomechanics of Aortic ValvesFluid-Structure Interaction Analyses (FSI)
> Micromechanical Finite Strain Behavior, Damage, and Failure of Composite Materials
> Biocomposites reinforced with soft coral collagen fibers: towards bio-inspired cardiovascular tissue therapies
> Biomechanical modeling of transcatheter aortic valve replacement in a stenotic bicuspid aortic valve: deployments and paravalvular leakage
> Estimating Constitutive Propertiesof a C/C-SiC Composite Materials Based on a Brazilian Disc Specimen

Capabilities and specific areas of expertise:
1. Composite materials and structures
2. Failure analysis
3. Nonlinear analysis
4. Failure and damage simulations
5. Fluid-structure interactions

Contact Details:
Prof. Rami Haj-Ali
Faculty of Engineering
Email: rami98@tau.ac.il
Web Site: https://mcm-lab.sites.tau.ac.il/


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