MSMS Lab- MultiScale Mechanics of Solids

In Dr. Berinskii’s group, we use continuous and discrete methods to investigate the mechanical properties of materials and structures. Continuum representation of material is widely accepted in the mechanics of solids. However, at the micro and nanoscale, the microstructure plays a crucial role and cannot be ignored. At these scales, the models representing a discrete microstructure of the material must be considered.

We study a connection between the microstructure and macroscopic mechanical behavior by means of analytical and computational analysis. We effectively solve the quasistatic and dynamical problems involving homogenization, fracture, large deformations, mechanical instabilities, and time-dependent behavior. Our theoretical results are applied to modeling and simulation of low-dimensional nanostructures, architected materials and structures, composite materials, biomaterials and MEMS.

Research interests: 

  • Mechanics of media with microstructure
  • Cellular materials
  • Mechanical metamaterials
  • Nanomechanics / NEMS / MEMS
  • Micromechanics of fracture
  • Granular media
  • Mechanobiology

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