Nonlinear Optics and Wave Propagation Laboratory

In the Nonlinear optics and wave propagation laboratory, we study a wide range of physical phenomena of waves. From sculpturing light during frequency conversion, through shaping propagating plasmons, and even manipulating electron beams and electron-matter-light interactions.

  • Nonlinear Optics
    Nonlinear optics deals with converting laser with one color to another. Our research shows advanced ways to get these frequency conversions, but also shape the emitted light’s parameters.
  • Electron Optics
    Electrons have mass and charge, but they still exhibit wave phenomena like interference. In our research we study electron-matter-light interactions as well as creating ways to sculpture the quantum wave-function of electrons.
  • Plasmons
    Surface Plasmons Polaritons are electro-magnetic waves that propagate on a surface of a metal, and exhibit special qualities. We study how these waves can be manipulated in useful ways.
  • Other Topics
    Our research also includes shaped water waves, particle manipulation using laser beams, super oscillations, accelerating beams and more

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