Patolsky Center- Nanotechnology Research

Nanoscale science holds extraordinary promises to impact the crucial issues our era, such as improved medical diagnosis and treatment, renewable energy, more efficient information technology, and environmental protection. From the basic science perspective, our lab designs new nanoscale building blocks, studies their fundamental physical and chemical properties and develop ways to organize them into complex assemblies with new functionalities. At the practical level, we harness the new and exciting properties of these nano materials for various applications such as biological and chemical sensing of molecules of interest ,probing the electrical behavior of complex neuronal networks with high spatial precision, or creating a new generation of solar-cell devices.

Research field: 

Bio\ Chemo Sensors

  • Supersmall lab-on-a-chip
  • Supersensitive Detection of Explosives
  • Airborne Molecular detection
  • AuNP/SiNW Composites-based Field-Effect Devices

Highly Ordered Neuronal Networks Implemented on Nanowire-Based Electrical Devices

Assembly of Nanomaterials
Ab-initio Guided Shaping of Semiconductor Nanowires

Fuel Cells
Our fuel cells are durable and simple in design, eliminating the need for many ancillary and management systems – further decreasing the maintenance operation expenses

Nanomaterials: Synthesis and Design
Unwrapping Core-Shell Nanowires into Nanoribbon-based Superstructures

Cancer Diagnosis by Metabolic Activity
Cancer Diagnosis by Monitoring and Analyzing the Metabolic Activity Profiles of Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Lithium-lon Battery Research
We demonstrated the growth of three-dimensional, sponge-like silicon nanostructures networks on chemically-pretreated super-catalytic, nanoporous stainless steel surfaces at low growth temperatures

Lab Facilities:

  • AFM & Solar Cell Measurements
  • Clean Room
  • Sensing Room
  • Chemistry Room
  • Electrochemistry Rooms
  • Biology Rooms

For more information:
Phone: 03-6408327
Office: Ornstein – Chemistry, 321

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