Plant Biosensor and Innate Immunity laboratory

We explore and consolidate the novel idea of plant-based sensors, a new approach where the plants are used as sensors and the output is based directly on the plant response. Our biosensor is composed of amalgamated technology, comprising a biological component- the plant itself, and an electrical or optical component- a sensing modality that includes an array of electrodes connected directly to the plant.

The second research field focuses on understanding the signal transduction pathway by which a fungal protein effector (MAMP) induces innate immunity in plants. We address this question from several angles: We use a genetic approach to isolate the plant gene controlling the plant response to the fungal protein.

Specific Research interests/topics: 
1. Synthetic biology to generate electronic gates in plants
2. Gene editing by CRISPR
3. Applying  electronic impedance spectroscopy  (EIS) in plants

Main projects in the lab include:
1. Developing plant base sensor to detect biotic and abiotic stress
2. Analyzing the signal transduction pathway that initiates plant immunity.

Available Research Services:
Generating transgenic plants

Potential industries:
2. Biotech
3. Agtech


Contact Details:
Adi Avni
School of Plant Sciences and Food Security

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