The lab for active sensing and sensory perception

Lab Description
Our lab focuses on animal Bio-sonar and other sensory systems. We are interested in how the animal’s sensory system is adapted to the environment, how does the brain encode this information and how can these adaptations be applied. We are experts in bio-acoustics.

Main Research Topics
Bat bio-sonar, bio acoustics, animal communication, animal cognition, the brain

Available Research Services
We offer services for ultrasound recordings in highly isolated environments or in the field, ultrasonic play-backs (echo recordings) and on-board recordings with miniature sensors.

With this method

  • Multi-microphone arrays
  • Ultrasonic speakers
  • Miniature sensors

Lab facilities
Large sound isolated recording rooms, Multi-microphone arrays, ultrasonic speakers and software to analyze the acquired data

Potential industries
Anyone who wants to record Ultrasound

Contact Information
Dr. Yossi Yovel, Department of Zoology | (Office) +972-3-640-7304 | yossiyovel@hotmail.com

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