The Laboratory of the Quantum Electronic Transport in the Nano Systems

Our laboratory was established in the 1992 by Prof. Alik Palevski, upon his joining of the School of Physics as a new faculty.

The scientific research deals with a wide variety of the physical phenomena at low temperatures. Currently the research is focused on superconductivity, magnetic order and strong spin-orbit interaction related phenomena in hetero-structures, interfaces and topologically protected materials.

The lab facilities allow basic sample fabrication, and include photolithography and thin film deposition equipment; in addition the nanofabrication capability exist in TAU Nano center and it is available for all students in the lab.

A variety of the cryogenic apparatuses equipped with superconducting magnets are supported by well developed infrastructure for He4 gas recovery and liquification system. The stuff of the lab possesses long time experience with electrical measurements and recently in collaboration with the group of Prof. A. Kapitulnik acquired capabilities of magneto-optical measurements.