The Myers Neuro-Behavioral Core Facility

Unit description:
The Myers
Neuro-Behavioral Core Facility provides researchers with state-of-the-art technology for performing neuro-behavioral tests in mice.

The Core Facility provides expertise in design, implementation, and analysis of behavioral experiments. The Core Facility includes five behavior rooms, which can operate simultaneously, and two animal maintenance rooms with IVC cages operating on a reversed light cycle.

Behavioral tests:
1.  Motor assessment:
– Noldus Catwalk
– Rotarod
– Staircase
– Open field locomotor activity test
– Grip strength

2.    Cognitive assessment:
– Morris water maze task
– Barnes maze
– Fear conditioning (using Ethovision)
– Passive/active avoidance test
– Object recognition test
– T-Maze

2.    Emotional assessment:
– Open field activity
– Elevated plus maze
– Forced swim test
– Sucrose preference test

3.    Social interaction

4.    Activity (including circadian rhythm) via wireless running wheels in home cage

5.    Ultrasonic vocalization

6.    Noldus tracking systems are available as well as Ethovision with the following modules:
– Social interaction module
– Multiple arena module
– Behavioral recognition module

Contact Information:

Lior Bikovski 
Tel: 972-3-640-8701(w); 972-52-668-2299 (cell)

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