The Physical Optics Research Lab

We research diverse topics in optics, bordering with other fields: Atomic Moelcular and Optical (AMO) physics, Engineering and Biology . Our research span from basic science to applied and our interests are  changing over the years,  Below you can find some current research efforts taking place in our lab.

  • Computational Optics  

We develop optical platforms to realize computational tasks usually associated with machine learning. The optical platforms employs at times nonlinear  optics, hologrpahy and fiber optics.

  • Beam Optics  

We develop theoretical and experimental methods  to construct exotic optical beams with tailored parameters. Such beams are then used in our lab for optical tweezing and for microscopy.  

  • Multi-Mode Fiber Optics

We develop systems based on the manipulation of light coupled into multimode optical fibers and the fibers shape to realize various sensors and imaging devices.

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Phone: 03-6409423
Office: Electrical Engineering, 227

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