The Strauss Computational Neuroimaging Center

Prof. Galit Yovel is the Head of the SCAN@TAU Center



The Strauss Computational Neuroimaging Center

George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences



The center’s services

SCAN@TAU center is a new MRI multidisciplinary research center at Tel Aviv University that offers cutting edge MR technologies and innovative, high-resolution imaging methods.

The center facilities:

1.     SIEMENS MAGNETOM Prisma 3T Scanner

2.     Multi-channel Head-Coils (64 and 20 channels)

3.     MR-compatible 32’ LCD screen and in-ear headphones for visual and auditory stimulations

4.    MR-compatible response box

5.     MR-compatible Eye-tracking and EEG systems

6.    Quiet and isolated Experimental rooms for psychophysical studies

Human clinical trials and research experiments are conducted in compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards.


The potential

SCAN@TAU center offers a platform to perform the following:

  • Our MR system and coils configuration are suitable for whole body imaging, from head to toe
  • The MR system is research oriented and ideal to study intact macro and microstructural composition of the tissue using structural MRI, and to explore brain connectivity by resolving major fiber pathways using diffusion MRI
  • Our strong collaboration with leading investigators in the MR field and other Siemens MR Centers allow us to reproduce the most advanced MR techniques and frameworks available nowadays
  • The discrete experiment rooms in the center are crucial to perform different study designs that involve questionnaires and additional tasks adjacent to the MR scan
  • Eye tracking and EEG systems could be utilized in both conditions – during MR scanning and at the experiment rooms as a pre/post measurements

The location
SCAN@TAU Center is located in basement floor at Green Building, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel.


Contact Us
E-mail:       TAU.MRI.3T@gmail.com

Tel:            +972-3-6405326

Fax:           +972-3-6405374


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