Eran Yair

VP, Business Development, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Yair Eran, MSc


Mr. Eran oversees all commercialization initiatives in Electrical Engineering, focusing on Physical Electronics (semiconductors, electro-optics and fiber optics, nanotechnology, and microwaves), as well as Mechanical Engineering.

Yair has over 20 years of industry leadership experience at executive VP and C-levels. 
He carries strong technological skills in R&D, Sales & Marketing, Customer Support & Delivery in various industries including: Fiber Optics and Broadband Wireless in Telecom and Data Communications Networks, Electrical Vehicles’ in-car and Service infrastructure, PhotoVoltaic (PV) Solar Energy Inverting Systems and Intelligence-Driven Cyber solutions.  
Previously, he served as a COO at Cyber Intelligence consulting firm, VP Global Customer Support at SolarEdge, Head of Solution Rollout at BetterPlace and VP Customer Service and Sales Support at Alvarion.
Yair holds a BSc. and MSc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Tel-Aviv University.