Greenspoon Noam

VP, Business Development, Physical Sciences

Noam Greenspoon, PhD


Noam brings over 25 years of experience in the chemical industry. He held key executive positions in companies active in the fields of Agrochemicals, Fine Chemicals and chemicals for food, fresh water and waste water treatments. He was VP of R&D and business development in Depochem-Amgal where he managed the new products' development from initiation of a new project throughout all the development stages in lab, production and commercialization. Prior to that, Noam was VP of R&D and Business Development in Chemada Fine Chemicals Ltd. which manufactures intermediates to the pharmaceutical and agro-chemical industries as well as the electronics and specialty polymer businesses. Dr. Greenspoon managed the whole life cycle of projects from initiation, through process development to full scale production, to business development and marketing. Dr. Greenspoon started his career in the chemical industry as Projects Manager in Makhteshim Chemical Works (currently Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd.) and was responsible for development of a complex production process of a plant protection chemical. Prior to that, Dr. Greenspoon held the position of a Scientist in the department of Organic Chemistry at the Weizmann Institute of Science, working in the fields of bioorganic chemistry and peptide mimetics.