A Lensless Polarization Camera

Polarization imaging is a technique that creates a pixel-map of the polarization state in a scene. Although invisible to the human eye (and for most conventional cameras), polarization can assist various sensing and computer vision tasks. Existing polarization cameras acquire the additional modality using either spatial or temporal multiplexing, which increases the camera volume, weight, cost, or altogether. 

Recent lensless imaging techniques (and specifically DiffuserCam) presented a novel way of image acquisition without a lens in a potentially miniature scale element. By utilizing an optical element that performs a smart coding of the scene on the sensor, a sharp image reconstruction is achieved. 
Our proposed invention achieves polarization imaging using low-cost elements and can be packed in a small form-factor device, therefore enabling polarization imaging in extreme imaging application, for example endoscopy or in-vivo microscopy. 

Our invention proposes a novel lensless polarization camera, composed of a diffuser and a simple polarization multiplexing filter. 
By combining it with a reconstruction algorithm that accounts for the compressed imaging properties, we can achieve good polarization images with our compact optical system. Specifically, we show that our system can be used for applications that require the polarization information such as strain measuring.

• Endoscopy- as the medical diagnosis abilities evolve, the requirement for novel imaging modalities and capabilities grows. Since polarization microscopy has recently been presented for biological/medical applications, we believe that it holds potential benefit for endoscopy applications, as an extension to the existing imaging modalities.
• Strain analysis in materials classification 
• Food industry – checking quality of food based on polarization. 

Provisional patent application 

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