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Biodegradable, Multifunctional, Jellyfish Based Bioplastics

Plastic pollution has become the most pressing environmental issue, and biodegradable solutions are a promising alternative. Unfortunately, most plastic alternatives are difficult to upscale and require the cultivation of the process substrate. Due to climate change, overfishing, and habitat modifications Jellyfish (JF) blooms are prevalent, resulting in the harm of electrical powerhouse, industrial cooling systems, the fishing industry, and tourism.
JF based bioplastic is a promising alternative for biodegradable plastic made from processed JF. At the same time, the raw material (jellyfish) is an unwanted commodity and should be supplied at little or no cost.

• Biodegradable
• Easily upscaled
• Raw material at little or no cost

• Jellyfish plastics for the food packaging industry (wrapping, antioxidant plastic, anti-bacterial
plastic etc.) 
• Jellyfish plastics for agricultural uses (greenhouse covers, compostable plastics, etc.) 
• Jellyfish plastics for passive optoelectronics uses (light-emitting signs, displays)

Granted US, EU, and Hong Kong Patents 

1. Steinberger, L. R., Gulakhmedova, T., Barkay, Z., Gozin, M., & Richter, S. (2019). Jellyfish-Based Plastic. Advanced Sustainable Systems, 3(7), 1–6.