Efficient, broadband fiber-integrated frequency conversion based on Adiabatic Four-wave-mixing (AFWM) device

Powerful nonlinear frequency conversion in fiber/silicon devices
We propose an efficient, broadband frequency translation platform based on χ_3 materials, such as optical fibers and silicon waveguides, that can be readily integrated with existing fiber laser technology and is suited for a wide range of applications, including:

Multi-color ultrafast/continuum sources for spectroscopy, imaging, and sensing
Upconversion detection
Quantum frequency translation

Adiabatic four-wave mixing frequency conversion
In contrast to current frequency conversion devices that are based on χ_2(specific) materials such as KTP, LiNbO3, etc., Tel Aviv University and Cornell University have pioneered a capability to convert a broad-range of colors using the nonlinearity that exists in all materials, thus suited to optical fibers and integrated photonics. The adiabatic FWM converter brings together the efficient bandwidth conversion capability that was proved already in spectroscopy and imaging with the capability to do it in all materials.

Implementation with existing technology
The suggested device together with currently available devices, such as couplers and beam splitters, offer new capabilities for broad frequency conversion of classical and quantum light. It can be used not only for generation of new ultrashort and super-continuum lasers in various colors, but also for broadband spectroscopy devices, multi-color single emitters capability and more.
There are several suggested configurations:

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