EG30 for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

EG-30: clinical phase drug  for AMD and Glaucoma


EG-30 – the highlights:


·          Excellent safety profile in healthy volunteers and glaucoma patients

•        Low systemic exposure

•        No increase in IOP in glaucoma patients treated with EG-30 for 16days (eye drops)

·         Extensive safety and efficacy preclinical package:

•        EG-30 inhibit the formation of amyloid beta oligomers and serve as a cytoprotectant agent

•        Efficacy in dry AMD and glaucoma animal models

•        Safety and toxicology including 6 months toxicology studies in rabbits and monkeys

·         An FDA approved development path allowing a single confirmatory study for FDA approval of EG-30 for both glaucoma and dry AMD

·         New derivatives for Alzheimer treatment