High Resolution Robotic Fingers

Traditional robotic hands have a complex structure with many degrees-of-freedom, while they can be large, fragile and with high cost. In addition, they usually cannot perform gentle and precise in-hand manipulation that is required in, for example, medical procedures and assembly of small components. We propose a sophisticated mechanism that enables to augment the capabilities of existing robotic end-effector capabilities.

As of today, there’s no practical, economical, and accurate solution that allows gentle manipulation within a robotic hand in industrial, medical, etc. applications. Moreover, the use of vibration takes place only on moving robots or on stationary platforms and large conveyors. Our patented solution enables high precision of manipulation using inexpensive and available off-the-shelf products.
We propose a simple and low-cost mechanism for augmenting a parallel gripper with intrinsic in-hand manipulation abilities, based on a novel vibration-based finger where an off-the-shelf eccentric rotating mass motor along with a simple rotary actuator apply movement force on a thin object.

Our system consists of off-the-shelf products like vibration and refuse motors, and controller. But the technology stands on its own and is completely new. Companies will be able to assemble vibrating finger mechanisms on existing companies’ grips, thus significantly upgrading hardware capabilities. Integration of the mechanism can be carried out at an early stage by robotics companies developing robotic grippers, or by manufacturers in factories interested in upgrading capabilities of existing hardware in the production area. One can even attach a single finger directly to the end of a robotic arm to move objects against surfaces.


• Industrial fine robot system
• Medical robotic systems

PCT application 2022

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