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Interferometric phase microscopy for label-free morphological evaluation of sperm cells

Portable, compact, add-on Interferometric Phase Microscope module

An optical module and software package which optically compresses several interferometric images into a single camera image and thus provides extended interferometric the field of view (FOV).
Records more interferometric information on the same amount of camera pixels.

Medical industry

In-vitro diagnostics -Measuring quantitative thickness profiles of biological cells without any labeling and nondestructive quality testing.

Electronics industry
Real-Time, Rapid profiling during or after lithography processes, and for efficient inspection of electric circuits during or after fabrication.


Quantitative, Subnanometric, Optical Thickness Imaging

  • High throughput. Thousands of frames per second in wide field (no scanning)
  • Non-contact manner
  • Label-free (no sample preparation is needed)
  • Minimal level of noise.
  • Ambient conditions (good for live samples)

Real-Time, Non-Labeled, Quantitative, 3D Sperm Morphology profile

  • Head, Neck and Tail morphology
  • Cell Motion and Speed
  • Cell Vitality
  • Tail Spinning direction

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