Jellyfish׳ Collagen-Based Smart Wound Dressing with Antibacterial Properties

Collagen-based dressing in wounds greatly benefits the healing process. Unfortunately, most collagen is extracted from bovine tissues, which bears a significant risk of transmitting various biological contaminations. Moreover, the collagen extraction process from bovine tissue involves time and cost-consuming steps, reducing the total collagen yield and increasing the overall cost of goods. In addition, the incorporation of silver nanoparticles into wound dressing is known to have a robust antibacterial effect and assist with quicker and healthier wound healing.
‘Smart Wound Dressing’ (SWD) is a collagen-based dressing with incorporated silver nanoparticles derived from Jellyfish with a potent wound healing effect compared to the existing competition 
SWD incorporates other biomaterials with robust therapeutic effects, and its production is based on novel and patented nanotechnology.

• Modular production of a variety of wound types 
• The manufacturing process is easily upscaled and more cost-efficient than existing alternatives.
• The product is biocompatible with various tissues.
• The raw material (jellyfish) is an unwanted commodity and should be supplied at little or no cost.

• SWD displays a significant advantage over other silver nanoparticle-containing dressings in the market
• Excessive collagen produced in the process can be sold and used for additional applications (cosmetics, scaffold for tissue engineering, etc.)

Successful in-vivo experiments in porcine 

Granted EU Patent

Nudelman, R., Alhmoud, H., Delalat, B., Fleicher, S., Fine, E., Guliakhmedova, T., Elnathan, R., Nyska, A., Voelcker, N. H., Gozin, M., & Richter, S. (2019). Jellyfish-Based Smart Wound Dressing Devices Containing In Situ Synthesized Antibacterial Nanoparticles. Advanced Functional Materials, 29(38), 1–11. https://doi.org/10.1002/adfm.2…

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