Novel Human Anti-Met Monoclonal Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy

MET is clinically validated target in several cancer types. MET operates just downstream to the famous P53. Addiction of cancers like breast and lung to MET as well as its absence from healthy adult tissues makes it a highly desirable target. Existing anti-MET marketed drugs (crizotinib & cabozantinib) are non-specific kinase inhibitors, having high toxicity and a short half-life. Here, we propose use MET as an immunotherapy target. With a single B cell sorting platform Dr. Natalia Fruend is isolating mAbs directly from memory B cells of breast and lung patients.

Potential applications
The antibodies will be useful as a cancer immunotherapy in MET addicted cancers. The screen is for two cancer types: breast and lung cancer. However, other cancers with MET gain of function like gastric cancer, and glioblastoma are relevant as well.

Stage of Development
We have 6-8 potential candidates isolated from breast and lung cancer patients We Further characterization of these antibodies is underway these days.

Intellectual Property
Ramot authorized filling a provisional patent application on the antibodies sequences for the indication of MET addicted cancers.


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