Solar-Powered Water Disinfection Based on UV-LED

Preventing mortality and improving health of billion people through accessible, environmentally friendly water disinfection.

The pain

people suffer due to contaminated water
Over 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faces (WHO 2019), which contains bacteria, protozoa, and viruses causing a variety of diseases. In India specifically, 128M households live in rural areas, where there is no proper infrastructure and resources to support continuous water treatment i.e., inadequate or none pipe systems, intermittent or no electricity, unskilled personnel for maintenance, and broken supply chain. Even governments and the UN understand the urgent need. For example, India plans to invest over 150 billion USD in coming years, to provide continues safe drinking water to every household. Also, the UN defined “Ensure availability and sustainable of water and sanitation for all” as one of the worldwide challenges to cope, resulting in funding and support worldwide (United Nations, 2020, SDGS).
The need

affordable off-grid water disinfection against viruses and bacteria
The common disinfection systems that address bacteria and virus, are based on either ultra-filtration, chemicals or UV-mercury. These technologies require costly maintenance, trained personnel and ongoing supply, while mostly require a solid infrastructure for proper operations, making it inaccessible to a large portion of the world population.

reducing disinfection costs while addressing an underserved market
Water solution companies who manufacture, sell and implement water system are actively seeking innovative technologies to address the burning need. As well as reduce operational costs of existing systems.
The solution
SoLED is a low-maintenance virus/bacteria IoT disinfection device, size of a lap-top, based on a patented solar-powered UV-LED technology. It can be easily plug into any standard pipe or filtration system, and the contaminated water streams through, and immediately being purified by the UV light. The smart portable solution has long lifespan and minimal moving parts, does not require trained operator or any ongoing supply, thus, It perfectly suite rural areas.

patented cost-saving technology
Our Patent enables combining multiple lamp frequencies to potentially reduce lamp costs by 50% and energy consumption by 40% while enabling solar activation. LEDs are the next generation disinfection tech. In the past five years our lab (Water-technologies lab led by Prof. Hadas Mamane) deeply researched the UV LED disinfection method. SoLED is based on a patented technology that proves that a combination of different frequencies, can achieve maximum inactivation with minimum lamp costs while requiring low energy consumption. It means that using the patent we can produce the most cost-effective disinfection solution of UV-LED.

next generation smart disinfection devices
SoLED technology opens the door to developing highly effective, affordable and smart LED disinfection solutions for water, air and surfaces, including for rural areas. While making it easy to integrate and operate.

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