Veye AI-Based Non-Invasive Blood Test for Remote Care

The Clinical Need: Non-invasive blood testing for remote care

• Blood count test is the most common clinical test routinely done in billions of patients,
• Blood sampling procedure has not significantly changed over a century, requiring an invasive blood
collection under sterile conditions and laboratory analysis.
• Limited accessibility and testing frequency may be life-threatening
• Highly invasive procedure requiring skilled personnel in newborns.
• Pulse oximeters, widely used for triage and regulation of oxygen administration, were recently
shown to have a racial bias due to skin pigmentation.
Our solution:
• An innovative, multimodal, and multispectral imaging system of the front part of the eye for realtime
testing of blood count, blood-oxygen and hemoglobin levels.
• Capturing short (5-10 second) high frequency and high-resolution video images of the front of
the eye over a wide spectral range.

Veye – The Next Generation of Blood Test

  • Needle-free, real-time fast blood count testing.
  • A highly sensitive portable imaging system for remote-care.
  • AI analysis enables the identification of the underlying pathology and differential diagnosis
  • Continuous monitoring of hematological and hemodynamics changes.
  • Not affected by skin pigmentation.
  • Supported by clinical data of onco-hematology patients and healthy subjects.

Patent Status:
PCT application (RAMOT & SHEBA MEDICAL CENTER) 2022.

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