Water-Tech Laboratory

Our group focuses on developing water-treatment processes and technologies by introducing natural and induced photons, radicals, reactive species and nanoparticles into the water, using UV photocatalysis- and ozone-based advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), as well as Reuse technologies via hybrid biofiltration, ozonation and short soil aquifer treatment (SAT) of secondary effluent. 

We’ve assembled an AOP pilot facility treatment at Tel-Hashomer Hospital for pharmaceuticals removal. Furthermore, we specialize in bacterial (e.g. HPC Coliforms) and bacteriophage (MS2) analysis.



Xenon Solar simulator, MP Mercury and LP UV lamps and CBA UV LEDs systems (Light Emitting Diodes), Ozone systems, Streaming (Zeta) potential (Anton-Paar),  Particle Micro Flow image analysis (MFI5200, Protein Simple), radio-spectrometers and optic equipment for fluence determination and measurement, Plate reader (SPARK10, Tecan).


Technologies and/or services:

Advanced oxidation Processes (AOP) optimization, Oxidation and UV disinfection technologies for water treatment, particle image analysis in motion 1-100µm, streaming (Zeta) potential of surfaces, membranes and fibers. We specialize in bacterial (e.g. HPC Coliforms) and bacteriophage (MS2) analysis


Capabilities and specific areas of expertise:

Validation of UV systems, particle image analysis both count and shape in motion and bacterial (e.g. HPC Coliforms) and bacteriophage (MS2) analysis.


Our researchers are all excellent doctors with diverse knowledge and expertise, our instruments are new and of the latest technology all calibrated.
Relevant to potential industries:  Filter industries, Disinfection by UV or Ozonation Industries and other water related industries.


Contact Details:
Prof. Hadas Mamane
Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University
email: hadasmg@tauex.tau.ac.il
Web Site: https://www.hadasmamane.tau.ac.il/


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